This article was originally published in REB

ListSMRT, a custom-built real estate AI-GPT powered tool, looks to “fus[e] the art of copywriting with the prowess of artificial intelligence”.

According to Grant Carter, CEO of ListSMRT, the platform “represents more than just a tool”.

He has called it “a game-changer for real estate professionals across sales and PM – residential and commercial”, while the company stated that the capability “heralds a new era in property marketing strategies”.

Mr Carter shared that the primary objective of the offering “is to streamline the marketing process, allowing agents and property managers to focus their energies on their core competency: customer relationships and transacting more property”.

Explaining how the tool works, the CEO outlined that ListSMRT has “harnessed OpenAI by creating guardrails to navigate ChatGPT for real estate”.

Features of the technology include ‘smart’ property forms, which pre-fill publicly available property information, sales and rental templates, and the ability to adjust the tone of voice for property ads in “mere seconds” across web copy, brochure content, and social media posts.

The new tool is also set to enable users to regenerate property ads or tailor them when required.

Mr Carter said the technology came about based on “the ambition of overhauling property listing creation”.

“Tackling all those significant inefficiencies like the logistical time wasting created and unlocking everyone and anyone’s potential to create intelligent targeted listing content for residential and commercial property,” he noted.

From his perspective: “The fusion of AI technology and pinpointed marketing strategies holds the potential to redefine industry benchmarks.”

Already, ListSMRT is reporting its reach as extending beyond Australia and New Zealand, across the US and UK markets, in what’s being lauded as “a significant milestone for the company”.